If are looking for the most qualitative piano lessons in Oakville, your search has come to an end! Elite Music Academy suggests more pros than other musical courses in Oakville. We do not suggest regular old-fashioned piano lessons, we suggest a full and complete education course that brings students up and gives them abundant chances to perform and make their playing skills better and better. When you come to our academy, you will have a feeling that we are a big family. Our new students are able to rent a good electronic piano even free of charge. This gives a chance for students to go deep into their piano studies without unnecessary delays you may see in other music schools or when you study with private teachers.

Our professors are attentively selected from Oakville’s most qualified musicians. We rely on their teaching and musical skills and large experience. As we have a plenty of teachers, we can suggest piano lessons in many styles including rock, pop, jazz and, of course, classical.

As we offer the most effective piano lessons in Oakville, our students learn how to read music, how to improvise and even how to perform with other pianists quickly and easily.

What makes our piano lessons so great?

  • Only experienced teachers conduct the piano lessons;
  • Moreover, our teachers are famous musicians;
  • Comfortable and easy to afford;
  • Our lesson rates are the highest, and we work 6 days a week.

Why attend piano lessons?

  1. Playing the piano can increase cognitive development.
  2. Reading piano sheet music while playing improves eye-hand coordination.
  3. No doubt that tickling the ivories usually boosts hand agility and increases motor skills.
  4. Often piano practice brings up discipline which is useful in other areas of life.
  5. Playing the piano reduces anxiety, stressful mood and depression.
  6. Piano is the most wonderful foundational instrument.
  7. It’s no secret that keyboard instruments are the easiest to learn.
  8. You can afford buying a digital piano.
  9. Keyboards are always easily portable.
  10. Everyone loves listening to a pianist playing, especially when it is Christmas!

Piano Lessons FAQ

What is easier to play: piano or guitar?

It can be easier to master the piano. However, there are plenty of factors that should be taken into account while choosing an instrument. Actually, neither is better. You must learn the differences between classical and other contemporary piano lessons before choosing.

How often is it better for a child to practice the piano?

It is better to have 15 minutes every day without distractions and noises. They say, quality is always more important than quantity, and it’s true.  When children forget to practice, the playing lesson becomes a supervised practice session, and it is a waste of time and money. You will never see progress in such a way, so practice regularly.

Is piano useful for the cognitive system?

Learning to play the piano has a plenty of cognitive and even social benefits. It is really able to change your brain.

When to start piano lessons?

The best age when children can sit and concentrate during a 30-minute playing lesson is five years old. You may start at four if you see that your kid is already able to do this. Your teacher will choose an appropriate book for your kid.